GO! West Robotics Club!


Instructor teaching kids about robots.

Aiko Earl

This year West Robotics Club is back and being led by West parents. The Robotics Club will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays evenings from 6:30-8:30. The meetings are held at  taking West and the Canton High School. Students will learn to build, program, and invent robots. West Robotics club also participates in competitions, however, not this year. Unfortunately, the deadline for competing has passed.

It has been a couple of years since the Robotics Club has been in action. The club started in 2016, but the pandemic caused the club to stop meeting. So far, kids are learning about the different parts of a robot. Mrs. McKinley, the Robotic Club Coordinator said, “Levels, gear ratios, computers, communication, finances, and even marketing.” Little by little, kids will learn to build robots.

Mrs. McKinley helped in starting this year’s robotics club. This new robotics club will benefit West by giving kids “The hands-on aspects” which I heard is what kids love doing. Mrs. McKinley told me that the main goal for this club is to, Build a fully functional and programmable robot.” 

Many kids have joined this year’s club. In fact, Mrs. McKinley said, Interest has been overwhelming!  We have almost 45 students signed up to be in the Club!” 

Mrs. McKinley’s role is a Tuesday night Leader. In this position, she has to, “coordinate all the activities of the other volunteers…design and build, programming, record keeping, finance, etc. And make sure that we have the classrooms reserved for our meetings.” As a kid, Mrs. McKinley was partly interested in robotics, she explained, “But I always liked machines that made things easier for us so, in a way, I was interested in robotics.” But not only does West have a club other schools have robotics clubs too! 

It looks like West is on to a great start to this year’s robotics club. Hopefully, West has an exciting year and it sure sounds like it so far according to Mrs. McKinley, We are a creative, inventive, and technology-driven bunch of folks!” GO ROBOTICS CLUB!