Haddie Allen

The 7th grade ELA classes were challenged to write a spooky story. He is a student sample written by Haddie Allen from Mrs. O’Dell’s class:


Felicia was already late. She had stayed in her office past the usual time because she had been swamped with paperwork to fill out. There wasn’t anyone waiting at home, but she still wanted to get to bed early, she still had another full day of work tomorrow.

I’m so tired, she thought.

Felicia sighed and cleared her desk, put away the papers, and closed all the drawers. When she glanced out the window, she noticed it had gotten dark. Well, nothing like a dark night walk in the city. Felicia exited her office and called up an elevator. When it reached her floor, she stepped in and pressed the button with the number one. The elevator whirred and clicked as it smoothly slid down, the generic elevator music playing quietly in the background.

Soon enough, the elevator rolled to a stop and the doors opened, Felicia stepped out into the lobby of the large office building. She walked up to the front desk, ready to check out. The lobby was dark and the only sound was the soft whirring of the air conditioning. It was unnerving to be in a usually crowded, loud room when it was deathly quiet. 

When Felicia walked to the front desk, she let out a small gasp. There, lying in her desk chair, eyes closed, was the polite lady who usually checked everyone in and out of the building. She was holding a book written in what appeared to be dark red ink.

You weren’t supposed to see this,” it read. 

Felicia immediately turned on her heel and ran. She ran as fast as she could out of the tall building. She slowed down when she reached the street, wanting to avoid people looking at her strangely, but still walking quickly. She was terrified, and everywhere she turned, there were people. She was surrounded by people, and she didn’t know if they were safe. 

Felicia continued to walk home. Away from that poor woman. Away from the crowds. Away from whatever that book meant. 

When she turned the corner, she noticed some new graffiti on the concrete building ahead of her. 

Where are you going?’ 

It was written in the same color red as the writing in the book. Almost everyone paid it no mind, but it seemed eerie to Felicia. Maybe it was just the nerves of her frightening experience still wavering.

Why was this happening to her?

Felicia continued on her way. She needed to get home. Maybe call the police. Call the police! That’s what she should do. She quickly searched her pockets for her phone. Shoot. She left it at home. All the more reason to get home quickly.

I need to get home, I need to get home. I need to get home.

She continued down the street. Only another block or two. Suddenly, the same red flashed across her vision to her left. She glanced towards it and saw another new piece of graffiti on the wall.  

Go back, Felicia’

When she turned the corner, her heart dropped. The road was closed. She had to go around, and the only way through was an alleyway off to the side. That was pitch black. And long. And echoey. 

She looked up again.

Go through the alleyway, Felicia

She took in a deep, shaky breath, and stepped forward. 

She continued walking, slightly slower as to have quieter footsteps. 


Felicia jumped. It was just leftover rainwater dripping into a puddle from a pipe.


It continued in time with her steps.


She was almost to the end of the alleyway!




Suddenly, it stopped. Felicia paused. Maye the water just ran out, right? But still, something was… off.

“Hello?” She croaked out.

She looked around. Another flash of red caught her eye. 

Run Felicia!”

As soon as she read it, something grabbed her from behind. She tried to scream, but another hand clamped her mouth shut. 

You weren’t supposed to see that, Felicia.”