WMS Students’ Opinions on School Spirit Week


Marleigh Hammond, Reporter

Students shared their opinions on West Middle School Spirit Way last month.

October 25-29th was spirit week for West Middle School students. The West Student Council was in charge of the WMS Spirit Week which included Pajama Day, Mismatch Day, West Spirit Day, Crazy sock day, and Halloween colors day.

West students really like pajama day, but felt that the other days were a little boring.  Maya Toth, a 7th-grade student who participated in Spirit Week said , “There were no fun days.” She said a pink-out day or a Hawaiian day would be more creative and fun.

Chloe Fournier, West 7th grader, said that she liked some of the days, but not the West colors and Halloween colors. Chole explained that she missed wearing her Halloween costumes like they did in elementary school. While both of these students had the same opinion, they both suggested instead of doing a Spirit Week the school could have a field trip or a dance!

Thank you student council for trying to give us a fun Spirit Week, you did an amazing job!