Wests Students Have Mixed Feelings About New 9-Square


Laurenne Anquetil and Kathryn Stran

Every day at recess, we see long lines of kids waiting to play 9-square, and every day you watch these same kids set the 9-square up and take it down. West Middle School just finished saving up money for the new, permanent nine square. How do West students feel about it? Is it worth buying? 

Shane Sullivan, a 7th-grader at West who enjoys playing nine square states, “I think it’s an easier way because you don’t have to set it up every day.” 

Nine square is fun, but is it really worth $7,000? Neveen Kabit, another West 7th grader, disagrees. “I feel like it’s fine the way it is, and there are other things we could buy with that money.” 

If students had a choice to buy other equipment with the money, what would they buy? “Swings!” Neveen says. Swings seem to be a popular choice amongst students at West. “I think swings or monkey bars would be fun too,” Shane added. 

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