The Weather Is Getting Cold in Plymouth, Mi, and Students Aren’t Bringing Coats

6th Graders playing 9 square

Natalie Basista

6th Graders playing 9 square

Natalie Basista, Reporter

The weather has been in the chilling 45 degrees in Plymouth, MI.  However, West students have been wearing shorts and a t-shirt outside at recess.  

“Most students are figuring out that it’s getting cold outside,” Mrs. Kulczycki says. “90-95% of students are bringing more warmer clothes,” Mr. Smiley added.

Everyone has different temperatures they like. One person might always be cold, or someone might always be hot. “I think a coat, and a hat is good.  Personally, I would want gloves, but I could see students not wanting to wear (gloves) while playing basketball,” Mrs. Kulczycki states. 

“When they [students] stand outside before school, and they are cold, they will change their behavior,” remarked Mrs. Kulczycki.   

Are you forgetting to grab your coat before recess? I’ll leave you with some advice from Mr. Smiley, put your coat on top of your lunch, that way to grab your lunch, you have to grab your coat.