The fountain is back in Downtown Plymouth!


Neveen Khatib

This is what the new fountain looks like!

Neveen Khatib, Reporter

As you walk through Kellogg Park, you will see the beautiful trees, storefronts, and our new and improved fountain.  

Mr. Ted Barker, a former West parent, and project manager for Shaw Construction, was very excited and proud of his team’s work on the fountain, “I really like it, I believe that it really compliments the park and its surroundings.  It is very visible but not overbearing.  The designers did a nice job of capturing what would fit in our beloved Kellogg Park.” It took the construction crew five months to build the new fountain, “… a lot of moving parts in a small area lengthened the construction schedule and waited on a lot of materials to be shipped in.” This new fountain was worth the wait.

It was not only the fountain that was upgraded during this construction. Mr. Barker mentioned, “We also were able to upgrade the electrical that is supplied to Kellogg Park, which any and all events in Kellogg Park will benefit including the Friday night concerts.  Actually, all utilities were updated throughout this project and we left Kellogg Park a better place.” The fountain was paid for by the Wilcox Foundation, very little money came from the taxpayers.

Layla Mouro, West 7th grader, like the new modern look of the fountain, “I think it looks nice, I like the old one but this one looks more modern.”

I think the builders and designers did a great job and I really like the new design. “This is for our community and paid for by our community for all of us to cherish for the next 50 years,” remarked Mr. Ted Barker. 

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