Construction In The West Parking Lot


Layla Mouro, Casey Dergis, and Cooper Lehnis

You might’ve noticed at recess, there was a relatively large patch of wet concrete in the parking lot. Yes, it is still wet as of writing this article. Don’t step in it. You also might have seen people putting the concrete down and smoothing it out. But anyway, why is it there? We actually have the answer to that right now.

Why do we need to change the concrete, you may ask? According to one of the workers putting down the concrete, “Water and frost break the block and then the water goes in and it deteriorates and the pavement falls.” Seeing as the area of concrete that’s being replaced is above a sewer main, it’s important for us to not have kids falling down into the sewer due to faulty concrete.

By replacing the concrete, this ensures that the area of concrete will hold up longer than it originally would have. This way, no kids will fall down into a sewer. We don’t want that.

Remember to do your homework, eat your greens, and don’t step on wet concrete.