PCCS Janitorial staff shortages


Zayd Ghadieh Wyatt Koontz

                   PCCS Janitor Staff Shortages

Janitor staff shortages are a huge problem at West and all over the whole nation itself. Teachers are literally getting paid to clean their rooms. Mrs. Horvath, former cross country and track coach, also the person that runs The Bite itself, has stated teachers can get paid 25 dollars an hour to clean their classrooms.  ” 

      “No, we have never experienced this problem,” stated Mr. Smiley. He also included that “we have two janitors, Mr. Pat, and Crystal, they are here during the day. And then somebody is supposed to come over in the evening, And that person generally comes over but doesn’t always.”          Staff shortages are a serious problem that doesn’t just revolve around W.M.S, it is a problem for other schools, restaurants, companies, etc. Mr. Smiley explains,“ The reason people aren’t taking these jobs is let’s say they are doing a custodial job that pays them $12 an hour. They took up other jobs that would pay around $15 to $17 an hour.”. Custodial shortages are not the only thing affecting our school, bus drivers, paraprofessionals, and cafeteria workers are also needed because of the shortages.

Mrs. Hovath noted, “Many districts do not pay their teachers to clean, it is nice that PCCS does.