Volleyball Schedule


Abby Hawkins

2018 W.M.S. Volleyball team after their win against Discovery Middle School.

Sammie VanTol, Reporter

The volleyball season at West Middle School has spiked. We have the schedule and are ready to share it!

There will be 8 games in total. There was already a scrimmage for all the teams at Liberty on November 3rd, 2021. The game dates are listed down below. 

11/10/21 West vs. East at West Middle School

11/11/21 West vs. Pioneer at Pioneer Middle School

11/16/21 West vs. Liberty at West Middle School

11/18/21 West vs. Discovery at West Middle School

12/02/21 West vs. East at East Middle School

12/07/21 West vs. Pioneer at West Middle School

12/08/21 West vs. Liberty at Liberty Middle School

12/09/21 West vs. Discovery at Discovery Middle School

Students and parents are welcome to come. Each player is allowed two members from their family, but there isn’t a limit for staff and students.  You must have appropriate behavior and respect the coaches, refs, and players. Students are $1, staff is free, adults are $2! The West Middle School volleyball team would love the support and would love to see you cheering in the stands.