Christmas decorations, should they be up yet? 


Caitlyn Blasch

Christmas Tree in Downtown Plymouth.

Charlie Fuller, Reporter

Christmas decorations, should they be up yet? 

There are very many people who have very different opinions on this topic. Some people decorate the day after Halloween and others decorate the day right after thanksgiving.

Mr. Majszak explained, “Yes, yes it’s way too early Halloween just ended and we’re a month away from December. Maybe in a week, you can have it in stores but way too early.” Mr. Majszak cuts down a Christmas tree on Thanksgiving, puts up Christmas lights, and goes Christmas shopping. 

Mrs. O’dell agrees that people should wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate, “There was already Christmas stuff in the isles and it was not even October 31st yet but I can see maybe after Halloween.” 

 If it were up to me I would have everyone decorate that day right after Thanksgiving. But there is a reason for that and that reason is that if you decorate right after Halloween, then you completely skip Thanksgiving. 

Now if you are decorating for happiness, then that’s different. If you are putting fall decorations up because that is the time of the year and it’s the current season of the world.

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