The Great Pencil Shortage


Aiko Earl, writer

The 9 square Fundraiser, bookfair, car loop problems, spirit week, and lots more things are happening, but you probably didn’t know about the GREAT PENCIL SHORTAGE! 

Mr. Menzer’s classroom, Mrs. Horvath’s, and almost all of my classrooms have a pencil shortage.

Mr. Menzer a 7th-grade math teacher has been teaching for 2 years, he complained, “A little more than half of all the students that I have, are coming to class prepared”. Being prepared means having all the stuff you need to class, which of course means you must have a pencil. In Mr. Menzer’s class he finds his pencils around his classroom and around the school building, but only sometimes do kids remember to bring back their borrowed pencils.

But kindly kids are lending pencils, Mr. Menzer has spotted, “If there is a student without a pencil, we have some good samaritans in are class that will lend out a pencil.”

Mrs. Kulczycki has been repeatedly asking students to be prepared, and students could have PBIS cards taken away if not prepared for class. As a student myself, I noticed that Mr. Majszak’s had lots of pencils in a cup at the beginning of the year, and a couple of weeks in the cup was empty. In the first weeks of school, I could tell that a lot of kids were forgetting pencils.

Mrs.O’dell has also experienced a pencil shortage. She has been teaching for 15 years and said that this was the worst pencil shortage year she has had. Last year, many kids were in Virtual Academy, meaning kids could use their supply of pencils from home, but now we’re in school and we have to remember to bring our pencils to class!