Why West Students Should Take the Journalism Elective


Adam Jaber & Cooper Lehnis

Journalism class at West Middle School is fun for lots of students. Journalism is a semester-long elective taught by Mrs. Horvath. Journalism student, Charlie Fuller says that he likes Journalism because “It gives you chances to write about things you like.”

Journalism is a very free class in my opinion because we get to choose a lot of things. There is a lot of freedom in Journalism. Charlie Fuller’s favorite part of Journalism is, “When we write our articles and do video interviews.” You also get to choose where you want to sit!

In Journalism, we learn about how to take good pictures, how to write articles, and so much more. Journalism is very fun and we learn a lot about writing!

When you finish an article you get free time the next day. Also, when your entire class finishes you all get free time. Mrs. Horvath has games like Uno, BattleShip, and much more! So hopefully next semester you can take Journalism!