How To Ice Fish


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ice fishing with rod and reel

Yousif Gammo, journalist

It’s winter in Michigan and a common Michigander pass time is ice fishing. 

If you are new to ice fishing, the first thing you need to know is to get a good rod with a price range of $50-$200. I suggest purchasing a separate rod and reel instead of a combo because the combos are not made as well.

The next thing you want to do is to find a good fishing spot. Pretty much anywhere depending on what you want to catch, I would recommend anywhere that the water is deep and has good coverage for ice fishing. A local spot is Newburgh Lake. 

The next thing you have to do is to find the fish. The fish will typically be in one spot during the winter because, so it will take some time to find the fish. 

Then you will need to drill a hole and “jig” or bounce your bait in the hole. You should switch fishing spots every 10 minutes until you find the fish. If you do this you will catch the perfect fish.