Four Things to Expect Before Taking Journalism


Press passes journalism students use to interview and get access to certain locations.

Amare Horsley, reporter

Calling all West students! Are you taking journalism in semester two? Here are four things that you should expect before taking the class in semester two. 

#1 Expect constructive criticism about your writing. Writing in journalism is different from ELA class. You write straight to the point, so you are learning a new way to write. Mrs. Horvath’s feedback is used to improve your work.   

#2 The second thing you can expect is teamwork. This class can help your teamwork skills because you can write with a partner and the class is trying to accomplish one goal.

 #3 The third thing is to be aware of deadlines. You will be working with other students to complete your articles or videos. The faster you work, the more articles you will get published. 

#4 The fourth thing to expect before taking journalism is having to multitask.   Multitasking is used in journalism. You help others edit their articles, interview, take pictures, and help the class brainstorm.