What To Do On Valentine’s Day (In Casandra’s Opinion)


Casey Dergis, Reporter

According to research done by semi-professionals (Quite possibly myself), only 1 in every 11 West students are actually doing something with a significant other on Valentine’s Day. If you aren’t one of those people, don’t worry! You’re not alone. Most students, including myself, have nothing to do for Valentine’s Day. Heck, I just like it for the chocolate (I buy it for myself). Honestly, Valentine’s Day is just a kick in the head to all of those people without significant others. It’s depressing. However, I have some ideas for the people out there without a thing to do with someone else. Hopefully, they don’t make you depressed. Or more depressed, at that.

  1. Get out of bed when YOU feel like it.

On Valentine’s Day, we’re supposed to, according to the media, “cherish and celebrate the ones we love.” That’s a lie. My suggestion is to love yourself on this day, and every day after that. But today is special! So, indulge yourself in the luxuries of life, like staying in bed for as long as you feel comfortable with. You love yourself, and you love your sanity. Staying in bed until you feel good is key to staying sane. Just remember: 11:00 AM is a little much, but you do you.

  1. Treat yourself.

I’d say that a good majority of us like food. Food is also a luxury. Why not make it more luxurious? On Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to the meals that you love the most. Make ‘em yourself, or eliminate the middleman and just order your favorite takeout. During the day, get the snacks you enjoy as well. Downtown Plymouth has lots of foodstuff opportunities for you, such as Z’s Bubble Tea, Subway, Starbucks (Is the Starbucks still open? Tell me if you know), Kilwins, stuff like that. Just don’t go too overboard.

  1. Enjoy the media.

There’s nothing more amazing than the media. There’s also nothing worse. On Valentine’s Day, I suggest that you watch your favorite movies, TV shows, read your favorite books (If you’re into that), and watch what you like the most on YouTube. Just remember, the media is also really horrible. Stay off of social media, with the exception of YouTube. There are many posts of couples together on Valentine’s Day. Again, Valentine’s Day is a kick in the head. Just enjoy your favorite media with no one but yourself. Or someone else, if you want.

  1. Do whatever else you want, I don’t care.

Just do what makes you happy! Forget other people, love yourself on the day of love, or something. You want to go skydiving? Go skydiving if it’s in your budget! Do anything that isn’t illegal or just blatantly wrong. This day is for you, good buddy.

I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day, with or without someone else. You deserve to have fun today and every other day. Remember to do your homework, eat your Post-It notes, and just be yourself. Or something.