Mrs. Farmer is the best!


Aiko Earl, writer

Drum roll please, to Mrs. Farmer! You may know Mrs. Farmer as a west band teacher. I asked students from her band class, they all seemed enraptured to talk about her. “ Mrs. Farmer is AMAZING and impacts the class a lot.” Says Emily Dancy a 7th grade band student. Kids also get time to express their freedom and get to meet kids with the same talents like them. “In band class it is like a team, you get to meet a lot of people like you.” Says Emily Dancy.

Kids are actively involved and enjoy the class a lot. “Yeah best class!” Says Amare Horsley 

It is also a class to express your talents, weather you play the piano, flute, trumpet, and much more. If you play an instrument and would like to be part in the West Band Class you can join it next year.There is also a band concert coming up! Mrs. Farmer was in a band class herself and placed the trombone. She said when she was a kid “I had a really fun band class.”. She’s also excited for her students to preform in the band concert.