L.A. Rams win the 2022 Super Bowl


Delaney Fillman

West Students crave a football team.

Ella Lukasik and Alyse Heering

The Rams with MVP Cooper Kupp take the win this Super Bowl this year in a close game.

The Super Bowl was on Feb. 13 this year, a week later then normal.

Mr. Majszak said, “ I think that the L.A Rams will win.” Mr. Majszack also said, “The LA Rams have a better offensive line and defensive line, but the Bengals sometimes pull out the unexpected.” The Bengals quarterback that will be playing is Joe Burrow.

The L.A Rams quarterback that will be playing is Matthew Stafford. Alyse stated “ I’m surprised Tom Brady didn’t make it into the Super Bowl this year.” The Rams had to beat the Tampa Bay buccaneers to make it to the Super Bowl. The Bengals had to beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

The outcome of the Rams and Buccaneers game was 30-27 Rams. The Chiefs and Bengals game outcome was 27-24 Bengals.