Students need to stop vaping!


West middle school

Vivian Smith, Reporter

“It’s illegal for students,” Mr.Wells, the West Middle School health educator, stated. People believe these students vape because it makes them feel “cool” or because it’s “trendy”.

The fact that something as illegal as vaping is turning into such a trend is a problem.

“The baby boomers are suffering from cancer and other diseases”  Mr.Wells, The West Middle school health educator, said. These young students are ruining their health just to be known as “cool” or just to “fit in” or maybe for others it reduces their stress, but while they may feel that way, it’s actually going to cause them more stress.

Vaping can ruin your athletic ability, shortness of breath, asthma, heart problems, cardiac disease, popcorn lungs, etc. There isn’t one positive to vaping,

What is Vaping?

“Everybody knows it’s unhealthy, everybody knows it’s that difficult to stop.” Mr. Wells, the West Middle School health educator, said.

Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by the heated nicotine liquid (often referred to as “vape juice”) of an electronic cigarette, personal vaporizer, or vape pen.

There are so many alarming chemicals in vaping that teenagers are unaware of and simply putting into their once healthy bodies. Some of those addictive chemicals in the vapor include antifreeze, car exhaust, something used to preserve dead organs, nickel, tin, lead, and heavy metals.

Who does vaping actually concern?

School Staff, doctors, and parents are concerned about these young lives who could have so much ahead of them but are simply throwing it away. If you are someone who vapes and read the sentence above, you may think that your parents just wouldn’t care if they caught you, and they may act like they don’t care, but they do care, they are worried sick about what their child is doing to themselves.

What are you doing to yourself? Ask yourself that. Or don’t. But there is nothing but problems when it comes to any form of smoking, especially at your age.  There are so many other ways to reduce your stress and anxiety, or to “fit in”. I suggest you join Growth Works, “Providing such a space was an attempt to keep the local children engaged in positive activities, thus reducing the likelihood of substance abuse and delinquency.” The Growth Works Website.