Being a Journalist

Aiko Earl, Reporter

I’m Aiko Earl and I took journalism last semester.,. I just want to write my thoughts on journalism class. We journalists write for “” and make Friday Five videos. A lot of Journalism has to do with coming up with new stories and writing the “untold”.

Journalists from my class also worked together for just about everything. Example for our Friday five videos, which you probably have seen at Primetime. We have people set up the background, we have people hold out scripts for the person on camera, and once done we edit the video. It’s pretty nice because it’s like a community. You can openly write about what you choose, as long as it relates to West. Natalie Basista, one of my journalist friends, did “Teachers Pets, Who Are They? (Mr. Wooster)”, you can also add a video to your article if you wanted to. You can write about the news, features, sports, opinion, and comics. I’ve done some comics myself.

 Here’s an idea of the process to write an article: 1) Brainstorm things to report on, 2) After you thought through a good thing to report on, start planning it out, are you going to make it a video? How is it going to be related to West? 3) I would interview if you can, you want to know what people think, their perspectives. 4) You edit your article and publish it to 

When you interview for the first time here are some things to know, email your interviewee if you can interview them, and your questions for them, be prepared when you are interviewing such as you might need to record with your computer, you need to paper write down their response. 

Although you might not know anything about being a journalist, you don’t necessarily have to, you’ll learn over time. I started out not knowing a single thing about what it’s like to be a journalist yet I learned over time. I can’t wait to see all the awesome articles that your class and you will write! Best of wishes! Aiko E. Journalism student.