West is hosting a talent show on March 2


Ava Daniels and Gavin Harris

West hits the stage with their annual talent show!

This March 2nd, students will be showing off their talents on stage. Auditions will be held on Wednesday, February 16th.  Talents consist of magic, jump roping, dancing, singing and many other talents. Mrs. Hedge encourages all kids of West to participate in the talent show as there may be a unique talent that everyone can enjoy.

Students’ acts will vary in length between 3 to 7 minutes each, all student acts will have to be rehearsed before the talent show. Students only get one go for their act, there will be no redo’s and no pausing of the act. Due to the covid precautions, students will not be allowed to go but the participants’ parents will be allowed. 

“It’s kind of a cool opportunity for people that have talents that there’s no other way to showcase them.” Mrs. Hedge, resource room teacher at West, stated. This is a chance for students to share their talents with the parents of West Middle School.