The West Ski Club is lots of fun for all skill levels


Caroline Fenner

Mid- winter break should be longer

Matthew Falkenberg, Reporter

If you’re vaccinated and 12+ you can be in The West Ski Club!

The West Ski Club is a club for kids to enjoy skiing with friends. I sat down with West 7th grader Cameron Adamski to see how he likes it. 

Cameron’s favorite part about the Ski Club is spending time with his friends while skiing.

Some kids in the Ski Club are experienced Skiers, but many are brand new to the sport. 

Sticking with the group while skiing will make it easier, that way you won’t get lost and you can learn from others. 

Cameron mentioned he has a lot of experience before the club.

The more experienced you are, the more you can teach others.

The ski club has been going on for a bit of time and the members are having lots of fun.

In all, if you’re the best skier or the worst you can still join and have lots of fun!