Mid- Winter break should be longer for students and staff


Caroline Fenner

Mid- winter break should be longer

Caroline Fenner, Reporter

Mid winter break is coming up meaning everyone is excited and ready to finally relax after being stressed with school and with the new semester. Students will finally get time to relax, but not as long as they want to. 

Recently our school district has shortened the mid winter break making it a shorter time for students to relax, go on vacation, and even clear their head. “We have to be at school for a certain amount of days.” explained Mr. Smiley West Middle School principal. “So instead of having us end on June 20th, or shorten winter break,  we just shortened the mid winter break.”

  Vivian Smith, West 7th grader said, “Students usually use breaks to clear their minds and get a break off the stressful times school can give you…”

 After telling Vivian about how our school district shortened the break, she went on and said, “Well it kind of goes along with what I have been saying, students use breaks to refresh, shortening it is just gives kids less time to relax.”