Should middle schoolers celebrate Valentine’s day?


Ellia Williams and Mira Abdallah

The day of love has already come and gone, but the question still remains, should middle schoolers have Valentine’s?

 “I think it depends on what you call a Valentine…If your parents allow you to have a significant other in middle school, though most won’t, then that would be different,” Natalie Basista, a 7th-grade West student, mentioned. Another 7th grader here at West Middle school named Samantha Vantol says, “I celebrate it [Valentine’s Day] with friends.” 

Many students across the school agree that Valentine’s Day to them is a day to celebrate with the ones you love, friend or not. Some students even rename February 13 as “Galentine’s Day,” a day to celebrate with friends. Coincidentally, I (Ellia Williams) myself celebrate a form of “Galentine’s day” with my friends from other schools, as it lets us connect although we are not able to see each other every day. 

Many aspects of the modern-day stereotype of Valentine’s day are sharing chocolates with your significant other, and trading stuffed bears. But there are other ways to celebrate the holiday too, such as the candy grams West Middle School ventured into. It was a fun and sweet idea where students could buy a box of candy for each other. It sure put a smile on my face when I saw that I’d received one!

How are you going to celebrate Valentine’s day in the future?