The “No Phone” policy at West has not stopped students


Vivan Smith

West student sneaking their phone

Ava Daniels, Reporter

West’s “Away for the day” policy is not stopping students from communicating.

Students are primarily using their email to message their friends throughout the day. Some students are annoyed that they can’t use their phone to communicate with friends during school hours.

“I think it’s a good idea that we shouldn’t have phones for some parts, like when we’re in class because kids can get distracted while doing their work, but it would be good like during breaks and recess,” Gabi Onoriobe, West 7th grader, proposed. Katelyn Granowicz, West 7th grader, stated, “I think we should only have phones during lunch/recess and after school and not be yelled at but not during classes.” Like those two students I also think it would be appropriate to be allowed phones during recess and lunch. During lunch there’s no need to “stay on task” and “listen to the teachers”.

Another West 7th grader, Hala Dent, gave her opinion on the policy, “I think we should be able to have phones because it can allow us to communicate with others.” Since kids primarily use their email to communicate with other students, what’s the point of having no phones?