The shoe project requires a lot of hard work!


Caroline Fenner, Reporter

The 7th grade Stem class is working on a project called “The Shoe Project”. During this project students make shoes out of certain things, like tape and card board. Students are not allowed use paint, but can use items they find around their house. Students can use unusual items that normally wouldn’t go on shoe, but relate to the theme of the shoe. 

Mr. Masjzak, West STEM teacher, has been doing this project for many years. “This project takes a lot of hard work, and creativity, I’m very proud of these kids and how creative their minds are.”

“I like the shoe project because it teaches you special skills that other people might not have,’’ says Mariam Lazseki, West 7th grader. “Creativity does play a huge role in this project, along with using the tape, and even just thinking about a good idea for the shoe.”

I think that’s cool because nobody has ever made a shoe out of cardboard, it would be new to try,” says Faith Potrosso, West  7th grader.  “It’s educational because it helps you with your creative mindset.”  

So we thought that since we both like gum, we made gum inspired shoes with gum wrappers using base products- cardboard and duck tape, gum wrappers, gum, washers, and licorice,” says Faith. This project also needs teamwork, and teaches students to work together.