Students Should Not Have Homework


Gavin Harris

student doing homework

Gavin Harris, Reporter

Everyone knows that the older you get the more homework you are assigned. It gets stressful having tons of homework and coming home spending hours sitting at home doing your homework.  Not all students have time or the environment to complete homework.

From my personal experience, having homework is terrible.  I have things that I do after school. As a dancer, I take tons of time at my studio. I spend about 5 hours a day after school at dance and usually don’t get back home until about 9 or 10 pm. With the limited time I have, I stay up all night trying to finish homework. I have no time to spare.

West 7th grader, Keshav Desaraju says that when he has tons of homework and he comes home, he can’t really do his homework because of his piano lessons, “It’s not really my piano lessons that gets in the way, it’s the homework that gets in the way.” 

Are you struggling with homework too?