Should students be able to choose whether to go outside or stay in during the Winter?


Outside of west middle school

Shaelie Nadon, reporter

Opinions allow us to see the world through someone else point of view and also allow us to relate to someone we don’t know very well. These two 7th graders shared their opinions about if West students should have the choice to go outside during the winter or not. Some students might have an allergy to the cold and could get sick when it’s outdoor recess and cold.

Emily Milam, west 7th grader, “I think they should because some people have different temperatures that make them sick. I know in the cold, I don’t react well. My eyes start watering, I start sneezing and everything, but I think they should have the choice to stay in.”

Riley Sanch west 7th grader, “I think that there is two sides to this, and I think that it could be various for students who, cause, sometimes it gets really cold and we don’t have indoor recess, it could be very helpful to have students have their choice to still have time to eat with their friends if they were inside and stuff. But it would be a lot harder for the staff and staff to keep track of whos inside and whos outside. And I do think it’s really important to get fresh air and to be outside for 15 to 20 minutes a day, and recess gives them that.”

During recess, students may want to read or hang out inside because they don’t like the cold. There are even people who react badly to the cold.  And if students wanted to go in during outdoor recess in the Winter, they wouldn’t be allowed, and they would be forced to deal with it for the entirety of recess. Voice your opinion in the comments below.