7th graders at West, prepare for 8th grade!


Eva Friend

The West counselors in front of the counseling office.

Eva Friend, reporter

Reminding all 7th graders, you need to plan for 8th-grade classes next year. 

On the 9th of March, Mrs. Swift and Mrs. Rieboldt will visit 7th-grade students in their ELA class. The counselors will explain the 8th-grade classes and everyone will be given a registration form that explains everything that parents will need to sign. The forms are due on Friday, March 18th, 2022. Parent signatures are required. 

Here are some of the new and advanced classes.

Orchestra! This is a Zero Hour and starts at 7 AM each morning at Canton High School. If you join, you have the option of playing the violin, viola, or cello. At the end of the class, you will ride a bus back to your middle school and continue on with your day. “These students are scheduled for a FULL day of classes at their home middle school.” Mrs. Rieboldt, a middle school counselor says. 

World Language! German, Chinese & French are usually offered at the high school as a Zero Hour too. It begins at 7:10 AM which is the first hour for high school students. Spanish 1 and 2 are here at West. 

If you want to have a Zero Hour you have to consider the responsibilities that you have with this. “For example, a student that takes a zero-hour class at The Park will have to wake up and begin their day earlier.” Just remember to get a good night’s rest so you can wake up early. 

When you’re picking your electives you might see some other ones that you could’ve had in 6th/7th grade like Art, PBL, LME, STEM, and the rest. If you do choose one of them, you’ll notice the content may be more “advanced” or “different” as you move up through the grades. 

The last thing is the Advanced Algebra 1 class that is here. This is the most advanced math class and being put in this class depends on the test results this spring for 7th graders.