How to stay healthy and in shape as an athlete


jason davis

How to stay healthy and in shape as an athlete

Ask any pro athlete and they will tell you health and fitness go hand in hand with sports. Just like how Michael Jordan, the GOAT of basketball, had a whole fitness and health ritual before each game.

But not every athlete has a team of trainers to help, so how do you stay healthy and in shape as an athlete? Well I spoke to Devin Dejonge, a 7th grade athlete and basketball player, to get some tips.

When asked what he does to get his energy and exercise Dejonge said ¨ I psych myself up and eat good food before a game.” he exercises by using ¨a treadmill or running” Dejonge also said he works out ¨almost every day¨

But if you’re an athlete who doesn’t have a treadmill or can’t get out to run, what can you do? Some ideas would be to do push ups, lift hand weights, or do a work out from youtube. Eating healthy is important too.

I asked Dejonge what food he eats to play better and he said, ¨Vegetables and fruits.¨ I agree with Devin. But I also think back to Michael Jordan, whose pre game diet was chicken breast and a little pasta. Not every athlete will do the same thing to stay healthy and in shape but every athlete can find what works best for them. And a healthy athlete in my opinion will always play better.