New Mask Mandate


Mira Abdallah, Mask Mandate

Starting on February 17, Wayne County Health Department has lifted the mandate of wearing a mask giving students the option to wear one or not. 

“I think It is pretty nice but I think they should still keep it as an option if you want to, based on how comfortable each person is feeling about it. But I also think it makes it feel like everything is going back to normal in the time we are in right now,”  said Dhanya Harikrishnan, West 7th grader.

 Most students have taken their masks off but some students have not. Some students are worried about their health and that’s why they have their mask on. That’s completely fine and everybody should respect their decision.

 However, London Willams, West 7th grader, said, “I feel really good about it… because we can see people’s faces and no because viruses can spread more easily without the mask,” London Williams said. In order to not spread it as easily, students should hand sanitize their hands. 

Do you think everybody would take it off eventually? “No, because some people may be sick and not want to get other people sick or people just might be used to the masks or they might be taking covid more seriously than others,” said Amari Patton, West 7th grader.

This just shows that some people may have different opinions than others or someone may be way more worried about this virus than others which is fine. I hope that everybody will be safe and get through this situation together.