Have you Heard of the Alumni Wall?


The Alumni Wall will be placed in the C-wing.

Alexia Reed, Reporter

The Alumni Wall is where former West students make a slide of what they are doing now that they have graduated.

Mrs. VanEeuwen has had the idea of the Alumni Wall for 3-4 years, but this is the first year she had time to put it together.

To gather people, Mrs. VanEeuwen started by contacting former students who had friended her on Instagram or Facebook. To reach a wider audience, she decided to get permission to put it in the Weekly Bulletin.

The Alumni Wall will be put above the bench right at the beginning of the C-Wing. “So anyone who goes outside can see it but then since 8th graders are traditionally there, to kind of inspire them,” explains Mrs. Van Eeuwen.

The Alumni Wall is made because teachers like to know what happens to their students once they move on to high school. “I’m also hoping that 8th graders specifically, but any kids who see it will be able to see other kids who have struggled or other kids who have been through West and that they were able to move on and do something with their lives,” says Mrs. VanEeuwen.

Mrs. Van Eeuwen asked Mr. Trzeciak to make a sign and he turned it into a classroom challenge. His students are designing different ways the sign can look and Mrs. Van Eeuwen gets to choose between them.

I think the Alumni Wall is a fun idea for students and teachers to learn about former West students.