What do West staff and students think about the dress code?


2021-2022 PCCS Student Handbook

Shaelie Nadon, reporter

Many West students disagree with the school’s current dress because many students feel it is sexist towards females.

According to the 2021-2022 PCCS Student Handbook, “Garments may not expose underclothing. Back, midriff, buttocks, and cleavage must be covered. No bare midriffs.”

In the past, there use to be rules about the length of shorts, however, the rules have changed. Even with these changes, many students still feel the rules are sexist.

“I think the dress code is sexist because if you look at the dress code it says things like no shoulders can be showing. Bra straps can’t be showing. Shorts must go to fingertip length. And for the shorts, especially, boys are sold shorts that are really long and go down to the knees and past. And girls are sold really short shorts that go down to maybe halfway to our knees. But the fingertips go down to their knees. So, all the girls get dress-coded for that. But it’s not really fair because we can’t find shorts that are long enough,” Emily Milam, West 7th grader, explains.

Mrs. Kulczycki feels differently about the school dress code for students,
“So I wouldn’t change anything about the school code because the district worked hard to make it as equitable and fair as possible. But school is a professional environment, so just like all professional environments, we need to dress for the roll and job.”

Do you feel as if the dress code is sexist? State your opinion in the comments!