Why Doesn’t West Allow Energy Drinks?


One of the more popular energy drinks, known as celsius

Vivian Smith, Reporter

West doesn’t allow energy drinks, but why? I’m sure most West students drink an energy drink at least once in a while, just to give them that boost of energy, but have you ever brought one to school just to get told you can’t drink it?

You may think this is just another rule like the no hats rule, but there’s actually good reasoning on why you can’t have them at school. 

It isn’t suggested that kids have energy drinks in the first place, outside of school. Let’s say that a student who struggles with sitting still, and is always already full of energy in their class, imagine them having an energy drink in their system, it will probably go wild.

Caffeine actually increases your blood pressure, causes dehydration, makes anxiety worse, and much more. To sum this up, caffeine is not good for people your age, let alone any age really. Choose something else.

“Caffeine is a drug, it is addictive,” Mrs. Kulczyki, West Vice-Principal stated.  Now,  I understand that caffeine isn’t some crazy drug like you may have heard of, but it is still considered a drug. Anything that is addictive is technically considered a drug. And with kids as young as our age we don’t want them to be addicted to anything.

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