Everything You Need to Know About West’s elective; Journalism!


Graham Pirrie, Reporter

The Seventh-grade elective Journalism class is a very fun and easy-going class. 

The WMS student, Graham Murphy stated that “I like journalism a lot because Mrs. Horvath gives us a lot of freedom for picking the topic. We [get to pick what we] are interested in and want to write about.”

“It is easy because you don’t have much homework, but that does not mean you aren’t working hard. You have to work hard to get your article out on time,” Graham Murphy also said. 

Graham advises students to focus on their articles so they don’t have homework.

As a journalism student myself, Journalism is a fun class that isn’t too hard but also isn’t so easy that it becomes boring. This is because we get a lot of class time to work on assignments and we almost never get too much homework.