What Will The Dress Code Look Like For Warmer Months


Alyse Heering and Ella Lukasik

What will the dresscode look like in the warmer months? Mrs. Kulczyski stated, “The dress code is pretty open and different from last year, you’re allowed to wear shorts. We got rid of the fingertip rule because it was confusing and when you go to a store it’s sometimes pretty hard to find that length.”

When wearing shorts your buttocks just has to be covered. Shoulders are allowed to be out, just no bra straps out. Tank tops can not be to l0w cut and your back has to be covered,  just like with any other shirt as well. Your midriff showing (stomach )is not allowed. It’s pretty straightforward just what you’re wearing to school must be appropriate. 

Basically, for west students the rules are: 

  • Your butt has to be fully covered
  • No cleavage 
  • No back
  • No spaghetti straps
  • No bra strap
  • No midriff
  • No inappropriate writing or images
  • Must be fully dressed