7th Grade Bowling is Rolling in!


Ava Daniels and Gavin Harris

Friday, June 3rd, West 7th graders will be going on a bowling field trip. This is the first time the 7th graders will go on a field trip since the start of quarantine 

The fee for the trip is $15 per student to go towards transportation, bowling shoes, and pizza. You are allowed to bring other snacks if you would like, and you can bring extra money for the arcade that will be open. 

7th graders will leave for the field trip at 9:15am and return to West at 1:15pm. Students and teachers will be leaving at the beginning of second hour and will return during 5th hour.

When students come in, they will go to their first hour and do their work. During passing time, 7th graders will put all of their stuff in their lockers and come to second hour with nothing but what they need for the trip. Then 7th graders will head over to the bowling alley and will be granted unlimited bowling. Students will get to pick their lane.