Was the Smith Slap Staged?


Vivian Smith, reporter

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Was it staged?  The story behind Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.

If you didn’t watch the Oscar Awards, I’m sure you’re aware of the shocking event that occurred between Will Smith and Chris Rock. 

 If you live under a rock, I will recap for you. Chris Rock was announcing some of the awards, and he made a disrespectful joke about Jada Smith, Will Smith’s Wife. The joke was, “Jada, I love you. ‘G.I. Jane 2,’ can’t wait to see it.” 

This is an insensitive joke because Jada Smith has the diagnosis of alopecia. While guests were laughing,  Jada’s mood changed. Will saw Jada upset and took a second to himself to understand the joke. He then made the choice to stand up, walk over to Chris, and slap him.  The slap was not staged and the joke made by Chris was not in the script.  

“If I were Will, I wouldn’t have done anything,” Kaden Gonzales, West student. Some people believe that Will was in the wrong to physically assault Chris. “I don’t think I would’ve gone up there and slapped him, but maybe I would’ve said something to him instead,” Reese Mosier, West Student. 

There are some that applaud him for standing up for his wife.

 Who do you believe was in the wrong, if anyone? Vote in the poll.