Student Opinions on Disney’s new hit movie, Turning Red


Paige Cooper, Reporter

 Turning Red, Disney’s newest hit movie. Turning Red came out on Disney + March 11, 2022, and has a review of 3.6 stars. Turning Red is currently free for streaming on Disney +.

*Spoilers ahead*

I say that the movie deserved 4.5 stars. It was actually really good and even though I didn’t have high hopes for it, I enjoyed watching it. My favorite part was when Mei first discovers she has the ability to turn into a red panda.

“The film was directed by Domee Shi,” says Wikipedia. Turning Red is about a girl (Meilin Lee voiced by Rosalie Chiang) that turns into a red panda whenever her emotions get too strong. She is “hustling the panda” with her best friends Miriam(voiced by Ava Morse), Priya(voiced by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), and Abby(Hyein Park) to try and get four tickets to 4 Town. 4 Town is a made-up boy band.

“I thought it[the movie] was ok, it’s definitely for teenage/older girls,” Ava Falkenberg, West 7th grader states. It is mostly for tweens and teens, considering it’s about puberty.

“I really loved the fact that it was a red panda because they are my favorite animal,” Clara Taylor, East 7th grader states. Red pandas are very cute, I think that the red panda matched Mei’s personality.

“My least favorite part was when the mom showed off all of her [Mei’s] drawings, the embarrassment, second-hand embarrassment,” Keira Culhane, West 7th grader says, “I like the part where they go to the concert and the mom just barges in.”

My least favorite part is probably the same as Keira’s. When Mei’s mom, Ming shows off all Mei’s drawings about one boy for everyone in the gas station to see.