Student scores make the cut, Menzer buzzes hair


Caroline Fenner and Vivian Smith

Mr. Menzer, the 7th-grade math teacher, had his head shaved in front of the entire 7th grade during lunch. Mr. Wells played the role of the barber.  

Menzer bet his class that if they all scored an 80% or higher on their Moving Straight Ahead quiz that he would cut his hair however they pleased. However, Mr. Menzer did not regret this decision, he does wish he did some things differently, but overall he is fond of his new look. “No I wasn’t expecting 6th hour to get lower than 80%,  and looking back I should have gone with a higher percent” Mr. Menzer, West Teacher, stated. 

Mr. Menzer likes his new “do”, “I like it. I feel a little lighter, I feel like I don’t have to spend as much time to get ready.” 

“I absolutely do not regret it because, I needed a haircut and it was something fun to do with 6th hour”

Mr. Wells cutting Mr. Menzer’s hair.