Miguel Cabrera’s 3,000th hit


Silas Cosner, Reporter


Miguel Cabrera hit his 3,00th hit against the Colorado Rockies on Saturday, April, 23 after missed opportunity against the Yankees. 

Miguel Cabrera was one hit away from having 3,000 Major league hits when devastation struck. On April 21, in the bottom of the first inning, Miguel Cabrerara stepped up to the plate and hit a pop fly to left field that was easily caught by the left fielder.

 The next time he stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the 4th 1-2 count, everybody thought that he was going to make history but the pitch comes in and to everybody’s disappointment he strikes out.    

 Then the last and final chance for Miguel Cabrera to get his 3,000th hit occurred in the bottom of the 8th inning. Then after a few minutes of talking between the coaches, the Yankees decided to intentionally walk Miguel Cabrara. Which ended up being Cabrera’s last at-bat of the day.

Charlie Fuller a West 7th grade student, thinks that the Yankees are fully in the wrong for walking Cabrera especially since they knew it was his very last chance to get his 3,00th hit that day. “The Yankees knew exactly what they were doing when they made the call to walk a man that has a chance to make history,” Fuller said.