What is track and should you try it?

Paxton Prosser, Reporter

Track& Field has officially started its new season and hopes are high! More than 60 people have already joined. Even if you didn’t sign up this year, maybe will next year and I will tell you why.

A lot of people are excited about the track this year and rightfully so there are so many different aspects of Track Field. Track is mostly Running but Track& field is also a bunch of field events including Sprint (100m), Shot put, and High jump. An average track meet lasts up to 4 hours and most of that is waiting for your event to start.

Practice will be 1hr and 30 min every day outside even if it’s raining or cold. This year’s coach for Track& Field is Mr. Wooster and like every year he wants to win. The next meet will be May 4th or next Wednesday. With Track& Field being a no-cut sport anyone can join even if you have never done track before. You will need running shoes and a change of clothes.

Chase Haratsaris a West Middle School 7th grader is doing track& Field this year and stated, “I have a ton of friends doing track and I want to run for this amazing school”. There are enough track events for everyone to enjoy this year. Many kids love doing track year-round because it’s a good exercise activity and you can hang out with friends while doing Track & Field.

So if you thinking about doing Track next year or are currently on the team remember track is for everyone. GO, RUNNERS!