Best Community Services for NJHS

Baking cupcakes for firefighters!

Alexia Reed, Reporter

Sometimes, finding community services is hard. This is a list of the best community service organizations according to NJHS members.

  • Going to elementary or preschools and helping teachers and students out
  • Bell ringing for Salvation Army
  • Weeding garden beds at churches
  • Making food for homeless people or people in retirement homes
  • Helping out at nursing homes
  • Packaging and delivering food for people in need
  • Making plarn (which is yarn out of plastic bags)
  • Walking around your neighborhood and picking up trash
  • Volunteering at animal shelters
  • Volunteering at the Second Mile Center in Detroit
  • Making cards for elderly people

West 7th Grader Amare Horsley’s favorite community service was the Adoptive Road project. Amare stated that community service is important because “It’s helping others and helping your community”.

My favorite community service was baking cupcakes for firefighters. Doing community service can really make a difference!