Summer is on its way!


Ava Daniels and Vivan Smith

Summer, the beautiful season of warm, breezy weather, going outside and eating watermelon with friends, is coming upon us! Need some ideas for what to do over the summer? Read on to find out!

 Many students are excited for summer because there’s no school! Are you a student who doesn’t have any plans over the summer? If so, you’re in luck. Gabi Onoriobe has some ideas for you! “Well, I usually go on bike rides with my friends, we’ll walk around and eat popsicles too! We also love to go skating together.” Gabi Onoriobe, West Student, stated. 

Another West student, Ryan Boland was asked if he has any plans and he says, “I’ll probably go to my cottage and hang out with my friends.”

 Ryan also stated, “I like to swim with my family in lakes and oceans.” Ryan wished he could do certain things like go skydiving, “I want to go skydiving, but I think you need to be 18 so I can’t yet.” This year you should try new things and it could result in a better and more fun summer.

Now, if you don’t like these ideas, or want more ideas, here’s a small list below!

> Sleep over on a trampoline

> Go mini golfing

> Go bowling

> Bake a cake

> Water Balloon fight

> Take daily vlogs with your friends 

> Dance in the rain

> Explore a new town/area

> Tie dye!

> Go tubing


>Tubing with friends or family

> Go hammocking!

Enjoy Your Summer!