Gym class has moved outside for paddle tennis


Alyse Heering and Ella Lukasik

Have you noticed the gym class has moved outside? They’re starting paddle tennis!!!

What is paddle tennis? According to Mr. Almachy, “Paddle tennis is a game played outside. You have to win 3 different games by 2 points to win the match.” Paddle tennis is a sport that most students enjoy.

Mr. Almachy was also pretty excited to tell us how if you win the tournament at the end you will be able to play him. If you win he will buy you whatever you want. I think that’s pretty cool. Some of the rules of paddle tennis are…

*Have to win 3 matches

*serves must be underhand

*Uses a tennis ball

*Plays with a paddle

*Serve must go to the diagonal rectangle on serve. 

*Only 1 serve. In the event of a vault the other team gets a serve