NBA generated 13 billion view across social media


Jason Davis, reporter

Everyone I know uses social media, so if a sports team wants to gain new fans they need to be popular and get online views. The NBA knows what they’re doing because they generated 13 billion views across social media in 2021-2022!

The NBA has more followers than any other pro sports social media account! They have 66.2 million on Twitter alone. Does this fact surprise you?

Rob Stickler, a West Middle School 7th grader, and Twitter user said he follows 5 pro sports teams, two of which are part of the NBA, the Detroit Pistons, and the Milwaukee Bucks.

The NBA has over 36 million followers on Twitter alone. But you can see the NBA all over on Tik Tok, Instagram, and even Youtube.

NBA fans like to follow big names from the NBA like Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. Rob said he thinks people like to watch the highlights and game recaps. The NBA is doing great and getting attention and interest on all social media. Fans love the up-to-date videos that them in the loop.

The NBA has stepped up its game- and will continue to gain more followers.

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