The LLS Fundraiser ended


Mr. Smiley and Mrs. Kulczycki in inflatable farm animal costumes

Eva Friend, Reporter

It’s the end of April and the beginning of May, and if you didn’t know, we reached our goal of $7,301 for the LLS Fundraiser! I interviewed Mr. Smiley and asked him about the fundraiser before it ended to see what he thought of it. 


Do you think the students of West will donate enough to make it to our goal?

“We are currently at 72+%.  So I am thinking that there is a pretty good possibil;ity of hitting the goal.” Mr. Smiley said. 


How do you think you’ll feel when you have to dress up in an inflatable farm animal costume? 

“I think it will make for a long, sweaty day.  Those costumes are pretty hot. But, it is for a great cause so I’ll fight through it.” We did make it to our goal and Mr. Smiley and Mrs. Kulzcycki did wear inflatable animal costumes!


Do you think there will be a change with the classes currently (at the time of writing this article) in the lead?

“Ms. Williams class is in the lead by some $800.  I think that will be hard to beat.” Ms. Williams and Mr. Beck’s primetime’s won so now they’ll get a pizza party.

Thank you to the families that donated, we made it over our goal!