The unasked question this week: What is a Quokka?


Aiko Earl, Reporter

Our question for this week thanks to West  7th grader Ellia Williams!

There’s nothing better than seeing someone smile when you have a bad day right? Well then there’s got to be nothing better than seeing a animal smile. It’s the Quokka!

This creature has the appearance of looking like it’s smiling. They live mainly in Western Australia and are able to climb 5 feet to get food. They are herbivores and prefer the eat fresh plants. They weigh 5.5 to 11 pounds.

Did you know that Quokkas sleep in a sitting up position?  10,000 Quokkas live on Rottnest Island today. They have brownish fur and hop on there hind legs. Quokka’s also have a longish tail. Their tail can grow to 24–31 cm long.