Should Middle Schoolers date?


Mira Abdallah, reporter

 Should Middlers Date? Well, I interviewed some people and got their opinions on this topic.

“Yes, hanging out with someone is fine to me, and talking to them, like your friends”, says West 7th grader, Natalie Basista. This is a good response because dating might mean something different to other people. 

“In my opinion, you should save dating for high school and beyond,” says West Counselor, Mrs. Swift. On the other hand, she thinks that you shouldn’t date in middle school, “I think dating can affect your mental health because we see this all the time where people break up and then they are upset.” This is also a great response because it could be hard dating someone in middle school, especially in this scenario. 

“Yes, because you might get distracted and pay more attention to your significant other and might forget your other friend,” says West 7th grader, Asia Patton. 

This looks like we all have different opinions on this. Do you think middle schoolers should date? Leave a comment down below!