West should have a softball and baseball team


Caroline Fenner, Reporter

Why doesn’t West have a softball and baseball team? Read on to find out.

As we all know ,West has a basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, and swimming team, but I think it would be nice to have a softball and baseball team. Baseball is a sport loved by many, so why not make it a sport at West? Having a baseball and softball team may also develop other West students to like the sport and maybe even continue on and play it! Not only would this be a good addition to West sports, but it would also be fun for students. Students would get to play a game they love with their friends. Baseball and softball games would also be super fun after school activities. And what’s the point of having a baseball diamond if we don’t even use it for the actual sport?

Here are some opinions from the staff, “I do think West should have baseball and softball teams, because it’s the greatest game ever invented. I think it would be fun to compete against other middle schools in the district,” stated Mr. Menzer, 7th grade math teacher. “Me and Mr Wells have always been interested in having one,” said Mr. Menzer. “We both coach softball and baseball and the idea of West of a team. We also were thinking of hosting a middle school clinic for softball.”

“I think we should, because we would give more kids the opportunity to participate, and it would be with a sport they loved,” said Mrs. D’Angelo 6th grade math teacher.

After talking to Mr. Smiley, he said that the reason we have a baseball diamond is because we used to have baseball and softball back in the 80’s and 90’s, but it was stopped when the sport became less popular.