What are your friends doing this summer


Ella Lukasik and Alyse Heering

You might be wondering what your friends are doing over the summer.  For example where they’re going or just what they’re planning to do with school ending.

Mariam Lazeki told us what she is doing this summer. Mariam is going to Texas and Florida. She is flying to both. Mariam is very excited to go to these places.

Marleigh Hammond elaborated more about what she is doing this summer. She doesn’t know yet!!

We also askd Reese Mosier what she is doing this summer. Reese is going to Myrtle beach and other lakes in Michigan. Reese is driving to her destinations this summer. Reese said she is very excited because she doesn’t like school.

The last person we felt was a must to ask about her summer plans is Katelyn Granowicz. She is going to stay home!! Doesn’t that sound fun? But, she is going to Lake Michigan!! She is very excited about that!!

Only 34 days till June 15!!!! Then we will all be free of worrying about homework.